Winter roofing – expectations, works, and obstacles

Problems with one’s roof may occur at any time. Unlike other seasons, roofing in winter is more complicated due to severe weather, below-zero temperatures, and blizzards. As an owner, you know that any roofing issue has to be solved as soon as it arises, despite the time of the year. We have discussed with roofers from DNB Construction, LLC about possible works, issues, and expectations of the winter roofing.

  • Is winter roofing possible?

If you notice any signs of loose or missing shingles, you have to take care of them despite the season. In winter, snow or ice may have a greater impact on the roofing works. When your roof is covered in snow, do your best to clear it instantly since melted snow may cause severe issues to both your roof and house.

  • Is winter roofing safe?

It’s vital to dress adequately and keep yourself warm during roofing works in winter. Be careful as you step on the roof, since there can be slippery areas. Your family members may help with collecting the accumulated snow, but be careful when you walk on the snow-covered roof. It’s advisable to clear the leaves or debris as soon as you can, to prevent more winter roofing problems.

It’s advisable to pay attention to daily temperatures during winter. Roofing tools, equipment, and roofing materials are temperature-sensitive. That is why some shingles may not seal adequately in winter. However, experienced roofers explain that asphalt shingles may be installed in winter with extra care since they may crack when bent. What is more, pneumatic guns have problems with air pressure during cold weather. Rolled roofing and rubber may be installed in winter conditions with special care to proper bonding.

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