How to Combat Challenging Weather Conditions?

Extreme weather events, ranging from fierce hail storms to devastating hurricanes, pose significant challenges to roofs. In areas where heavy snowfall is common, roofs that successfully withstand the weight of snow and ice are constructed with suitable roofing materials.

So, what are the most effective roof types for enduring extreme weather conditions according to DNB Construction LLC’s roofers?

Ideal Roofs for Snow and Ice

If your locality experiences heavy snowfall, the best roof for you would efficiently redirect melting snow and ice away from the roof. Furthermore, it should possess the ability to withstand high winds, ensuring its resilience in winter conditions. DNB Construction LLC specializes in working with top-performing roofing materials for extreme winter conditions, including polymer-modified shingles and metal roofing. These materials offer distinct characteristics to meet both your desired aesthetics and functional requirements.

  • Polymer-modified Shingles: Enhanced Durability

Polymer-modified shingles are an improvement over traditional asphalt shingles, which are prone to brittleness and breakage. Despite resembling traditional asphalt shingles, polymer-modified shingles deliver performance similar to indestructible metal roofs. Manufacturers produce them by combining asphalt with a polymer that adds elasticity. Consequently, polymer-modified shingles exhibit crack resistance and can be installed even at temperatures as low as zero degrees.

  • Metal Roofing: Unmatched Protection

Metal roofing stands as an excellent choice for homes located in regions with severe winter weather. Metal roofs facilitate the easy sliding of snow and ice, alleviating concerns about water accumulation. Metal roofs with standing seam panels and rib panels are recognized as highly resilient and weather-resistant roofing systems available. Moreover, metal roofs boast an impressive lifespan of up to 60 years.

Roofing Materials Resistant to Hurricane-Force Winds

In hurricane-prone areas, it is essential to be adequately prepared with emergency supplies and evacuation plans. It is advisable to keep DNB Construction LLC‘s contact information in your emergency kit, as we provide temporary repair services within 24 hours in the event of hurricane-related roof damage. Homes that successfully withstand high winds usually have roofs designed to resist hurricane-force conditions. Among roofing materials, metal emerges as the strongest option to endure such winds. Most metal roofs are rated to withstand wind speeds ranging from 100 MPH to 150 MPH, with variations dependent on the metal’s strength. While metal roofing may be relatively more expensive, alternative options include asphalt shingles and slate.

Superior Roofing Materials for Hail-Prone Areas

Hailstorms have the potential to cause significant damage to roofs, resulting in substantial financial losses within a matter of minutes. Should you experience hail damage, contact DNB Construction LLC and we will provide temporary repairs within 24 hours of your call.

When replacing or constructing a roof, it is crucial to select the strongest roofing material available to safeguard your home from the detrimental effects of hail damage. We recommend stone-coated steel shingles, rib panel steel roofing, standing seam metal roofs, asphalt shingles (both 3-tab and architectural), clay or concrete tile, wood shakes, slate, and synthetic slate.

Contact DNB Construction LLC, where we maintain high standards, and our guarantees cover your roofing system for as long as you own the house. Let us help you create a comprehensive plan to weatherproof your roof. Reach out to us online or via phone at 301-362-7663.