Why do your skylights leak?

Skylights are commonly installed to add to a home’s lighting and interior beauty. They are ideal to make the homeowner feel special and exclusive. However, due to manufacturers, there are visible differences in skylights’ performances and prices. Usually, the quality of the skylights’ components impacts their price. That is why problems with the skylights leaking can be detected. They arise because of a number of things. DNB Construction LLC’s certified roofers shared three things that are responsible for the skylights leaking.

Reason No.1 – Cheap skylight components used by inexperienced property builders

Owners who don’t have enough experience tend to use cheap skylight components to save on costs. It is vital to openly speak with your roofers and see the benefits of installing top-quality skylight components. Roofing contractors who have a lot of experience know that adequate skylight components produce sufficient results.

Reason No.2 – Bad installation

When you opt for roofers who aren’t qualified or coordinated, it is possible to experience improper placement of the pan metal, low nails, sidewall flashing, and much more. The roofing technicians with poor expertise tend to use inadequate tools and make the overall skylight installation improper.

Reason No.3 – Old window seal

The seal that holds your windowpane in place can be worn due to its age and exposure to weather conditions. The seal starts to wear out at the corners of the window seal frame and causes leaks. So, the frame corners expand and contract because of the weather changes. Then, small inlets open for water and it runs down into the house.

How can you combat skylight leaking?

The most important thing is to detect the origin of the skylight leaks. If the water comes from the sides or corners of your skylight frame, there are a lot of chances that it needs replacement. Get in touch with the professional roofers from DNB Construction LLC to visit your roof and explain how and what parts of the skylights are prone to leaks. This trustworthy roofing company prides itself on doing its best to educate its clients and readers regarding all roofing issues. Each one of DNB Construction LLC’s experts will assist you with everyday roofing and skylight needs. So, don’t wait and call +1-301-362-7663 as soon as you suspect a roofing issue.