Having a skylight installed – pros and cons

A roof light or a skylight is a special light-permitting structure that looks like a window. Frequently, it is of transparent glass and forms all or part of the roof.  A skylight is a noticeable addition to a home that adds to its aesthetic value. We have asked knowledgeable roofing engineers from DNB Construction LLC to tell us more about the pros and cons of having a skylight installed.

Skylight installation

The installation process includes careful placing of the insulated glass held within an aluminum frame and flashing. If the skylight installation isn’t adequately carried out, it can lead to skylight leaks and other more serious issues.

What to consider before a skylight installation?

The skylight type that you’ll choose depends on your needs. Usually, count on:

-saving energy

– improving air quality

– light control

Fixed skylight prevents cool air from escaping. Also, it doesn’t allow hot air to enter during summer. In this way, the overall energy bill is reduced. Up-to-date skylights include glazing technologies, such as heat-absorbing tint and low-emissivity coatings.

With a skylight, indoor air quality is better. It removes indoor air pollutants and regulates odors and heat near the ceiling. In most cases, automated skylights are equipped with special moisture sensors that tend to close as soon as they detect rain. Plus, smart skylights use sensors to adjust and monitor humidity levels, temperature, and air quality.

From the moment you install a skylight, you have a chance to control the light because skylight installation doesn’t include non-stop natural light coming into the room.

Skylight – pros

It is accepted that modern designs of skylights increase a home’s value. Also, they fit the owner’s unique taste. The list of benefits connected with having a skylight installed includes:

  • having natural light
  • saving money
  • fresh air

The natural light that comes into the house increases its value and improves the health of all residents who get more vitamin D. In this way, they can feel energetic during the day. Also, they can sleep better and be relaxed. Importantly, certified roofers help to choose where to place the skylight to suit one’s wants and needs.

In the long run, saving money is possible with a skylight. It is nowadays equipped with modern technology and reduces heat transfer while still letting in natural light.

The entire air quality is improved with a skylight installed on the rooftop. Ventilation skylights help in making the house filled with a greater amount of fresh air. There is no same and stale air. Also, when a skylight is in the kitchen, all smells are easily removed from the home.

Skylight – cons

The most important cons that are connected with having a skylight installed are:

  • price
  • possible leaks
  • roof suitability
  • heat loss

With the skylight installation, saving is almost impossible. It is more advisable to go for fixed or manual skylights, instead of automated ones. If you buy a poor-quality skylight, you may end up with greater costs in the long run, due to leaks, discoloration, and more.

When the skylight installation process is inadequate, there is a threat of possible leaks. In this way, rainwater may collect and leak inside. So, skylight leaking can bring about serious damage.

Skylights are suitable for standard frames compared with truss roofs.

The homeowner may feel that they lose more heat in colder months. It is the case when skylights are old and need some fixes.

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