Seamless gutters or sectional gutters?

When the time comes to choose between seamless and sectional gutters, a lot of questions come to one’s mind. Since there are many materials and styles that help to avoid water leaks, we have created this text for you. Our main goal was to learn from the DNB Construction LLC’s roofing technicians about all pros and cons of either of the gutters types.

Seamless Gutters

This gutter system is actually a single and continuous piece of gutter. It is usually cut from just one single-coil piece of metal. Most often, this metal is aluminum or copper. A true benefit of seamless gutters is that they are stronger and more reliable than sectional gutters. This comes from the fact that only one piece of gutter is used in their production, so the rigidity and strength are obvious. Knowing this, the chances of leakages are minimal since leaks appear at the gutter joints. Therefore, without leaks, there will be no mold or possible water damage to the home caused by leaky gutters.

With seamless gutters, the maintenance costs are virtually nullified, and their life span is long. Because of the fact that there are no joints or their number is minimal, seamless gutters exclude the possibility of rust.

What is more, seamless aluminum gutters are produced in many colors, so they can be a true match to the roof color. It’s convenient for homeowners to choose the color that compliments the home’s exterior.

However, seamless gutters are not easy for DIY installation. They are frequently cut on-site and professional roofers need to be hired.

Sectional Gutters

These gutters come in 10 – 29ft sections. Also, they connect to one another and form a larger roof drainage system. Nowadays, sectional gutters come in many materials such as copper, vinyl, steel, or aluminum, unlike in the past when sectional gutters were made from wood. A lot of homeowners decide to choose vinyl for a sectional gutters system since it is light and can match any roof color. A great number of people pick steel since it is strong and capable to sustain severe weather, including snow, ice, and heavy rain.

However, sectional gutters can be weak at the points where the gutter connects and the joints. The type of material used for sectional gutters can have an immense impact on their lifespan.

A big problem can be rust for steel sectional gutters system when exposed to moisture. As soon as the steel gutter rusts, it starts leaking and failing. In the case of vinyl, owners can expect that these gutters are not strong and durable enough. It is necessary to assemble sectional gutters systems on-site. The procedure can take more time than with seamless gutters. Also, a homeowner has more costs for the professional installers needed for the job.

DNB Construction LLC is there to help every client who has dilemmas with the gutters installation. Both seamless and sectional gutters systems have their advantages and disadvantages. The characteristics of the gutters’ material, installation time, and needed labor are just some of the most crucial questions that every homeowner has to think about. DNB Construction LLC is available 24/7 to answer clients’ questions via a contact form available on its official website or a phone number 301-362-7663.