Top 5 Roofing Shingles in 2022

Do you plan to install a new roof? Have you been researching the materials to find the best one? If you need accurate professional advice regarding your new roof material, DNB Construction LLC has a well-organized team of experienced roofers who can help. Moreover, read on to discover the top 5 roofing shingles in 2022 according to these certified roofers.

It all starts with the premise that roofing shingles are designed and produced for specific purposes. That is why some may have advantages over others. Importantly, roofing shingles are accepted by modern homeowners as truly beneficial. Here is the list of 5 roofing shingles types that have proven to be the most frequently used in 2022.

  1. Fiberglass roof shingles

For a lot of homeowners fiberglass roof shingles have been the most preferred roofing material. They are easy to install. Plus, they are lightweight and guarantee great insulation for one’s home. However, the price of fiberglass roof shingles is high. Also, there are not so many style options compared with other shingles types. Finally, fiberglass shingles are manufactured in fewer colors.

  1. Wood roof shingles

These shingles are for many clients one of the most environmentally friendly roofing materials. They are produced of cedar, in most cases. Importantly, wood shingles are resistant to decaying and rotting. Aesthetically, wood roof shingles are seen as great material. On the other side, wood shingles have to be regularly maintained to last for many years.

  1. Asphalt-composition roof shingles

These roof shingles are among the cheapest ones. Since they are reasonably priced, a lot of homeowners choose asphalt-composition roof shingles. What is more, asphalt-composition shingles can be used for all climates. Plus, their lifespan is long. Significantly, asphalt-composition roof shingles are maintained easily. However, this shingles type is not so environmentally friendly.

4. Clay roof shingles

Clay roofing shingles look great and add to the roof’s aesthetics. They are long-lasting. A lot of owners decide to have clay shingles installed because of their natural look. Also, these shingles require little maintenance. On the other hand, clay roofing shingles are more expensive than other roofing materials.

  1. Metal roof shingles

Metal shingles have a long lifespan. They are produced in many colors and styles. Plus, they are resistant to harsh weather and different climates. Metal roof shingles can be found in various materials. Importantly, their insulation prowess is great and they are strong protectors. But, metal roof shingles are not easy to install. Usually, they require an additional layer under the roofing to insure that it is adequately installed. Metal roof shingles are expensive. All who want a long-lasting roof that stands out in the neighborhood, choose metal roof shingles. 

All in all, DNB Construction LLC is here to help you decide which roof shingles are the best for your roof. If you are not sure what would be the best roof shingle investment, consult with professionals. The team at DNB Construction LLC will assist with all your roofing needs. Give us a call and schedule a consultation today at 301 – 362 – 7663.