Top 10 Trendy Roofing Ideas in 2021

If you want to have a modern house with an appealing roof noticed by all passers-by, it’s essential to follow the fashion. Yes, the aesthetic is changeable and architecture solutions are crucial. You have to consider every aspect of your house, from top to bottom to obtain the ‘modern look’ of your roofing. Thinking about all that, DNB Construction’s roofing pros have listed below some of the A-1 roofing style ideas for you to help you get some inspiration and make the process of getting a modern roof as fast and easy as it can possibly be.

  1. Trendy flat roofing – This roofing is for numerous reasons rending in 2021. Flat roofs are regarded as eco-friendly, cost-effective, useful, and aesthetically appealing.
  2. Metal roofing in-fashion – With a lifespan of over 50 years, metal roofing is a great choice that may vary from a European look with black shingles’ color to much lighter colors of eco-friendly roofing. Metal roofing is proven to be lasting, endurable, and stylish.
  3. Tiny home roof design – Tiny homes are the most convenient solutions if you want to simplify your life. Your living space is there to make you feel free and happy without thinking about vast space and many rooms. Therefore, a metal roof is the best solution to add your tiny home and give it a trendy 2021 style.
  4. Rustic touch on your roofing – If you want to make your modern home reflect some ‘rustic elements’ apart from the colors, wood, or special design, just add a metal roof or some roof extension and your roofing will have that ‘rustic touch’ look.
  5. Trendy butterfly roofing – Symmetrical and inverted look of the butterfly roofing is their great asset. They are both budget and eco-friendly since their aesthetics allow their low-cost made from cheaper materials like TPO or shingles.
  6. Fashionable balcony roofing – You can add some extensions to either your first or second-floor balcony and get more living space. Trendy balconies may have metal beams, wire railings, or wooden roofing extensions.
  7. Trendy roofing of your pool house – Use the metal roofing and wood underlay to get the impressive pool house roofing that will be appealing to you, your family, and all your guests. This design is always simple, eco-friendly, and welcomed in 2021 architectural trends.
  8. Trendy shed roofing – It’s great to dress-up your shed in the colors of 2021, using sloping or metal roofs. It will turn your shed into a perfect place for hangout, a small home office, or a reading room.
  9. Modern saw-tooth roofing – A compartmentalized living space is obtained with saw-tooth roofing since it represents the need to have a multi-family living home. Housing complexes built with this type of roofing have a rhythmic pattern and a look of a saw-tooth which only adds to the total aesthetic of a trendy house.
  10. Sloping roofing in-fashion – This roofing type is popular because of its unusual and dramatic look with frequent solar-panel elements. Sloping roofing will be a modern element of your home over your patio or garage.

These are some of the most recommendable roofing ideas for the following year. It’s up to you to go for the one that suits you and your home most and contact professionals from DNB Construction LLC to help you get your dream house.