Passive vs. Active Roof Vents

Roof vents play a vital role in the roof’s longevity and performance. Knowing that the attic’s ventilation is an important system that allows a house to breathe if you don’t have adequate attic ventilation, your roof’s life will be shorter. Plus, your energy bills will be high, whereas the energy efficiency and thermal comfort will be reduced. With so many different types of vents on the market, it will be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. DNB Construction LLC’s certified roofers listed the main characteristics of both active and passive roof vents.  

Passive vs. Active Roof Vents

As soon as you plan to select the best roof vent for your home, it’s good to consider several factors. First, if you want a powerful system to move large amounts of air or not. Then, are you the homeowner who seeks something more affordable?

Passive Roof Vents – characteristics

Passive vents allow natural air circulation to keep the roof cool and dry. Also, they perfectly blend with the shingles on the ridges. Every passive roof vent does not rely on a power source. It uses the natural movement of air. In this way, ventilation is created. A lot of homeowners prefer passive vents since they are less expensive than active ones. In addition, multiple vents are placed along the length of the roof to ensure better results.

It is important to mention that passive vents are handy since they don’t need sunlight or electricity to function.

Active Roof Vents – characteristics

Active roof vent systems ensure that the attic is free of moisture and mold. They have the main purpose of drawing fresh air in from the outside. Moreover, active roof vents push the hot air out. The operation of the system with these vents creates a negative pressure in the attic. So, the fresh air is drawn into special intake vents. Finally, the exhaust vents release moist air or hot air to the outside.

Homeowners who prefer active roof vents can be sure that their homes will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The circulation of fresh air through the attic is an important segment, so the mold growth and moisture will be timely prevented.

In conclusion, passive vents are suitable as a cost-efficient solution. Active roof vents guarantee better temperature control and ventilation. As experienced roofers from DNB Construction LLC advise, the choice of roof vents is up to your budget and preferences. However, the most important is to have a properly installed roof vent. In this way, your attic will be healthy for years to come.

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