Top 5 Custom Home Roof Styles

The roof style of the custom home is distinctive. As soon as the roof is finalized, the house is marked as entirely completed. The roofing makes the property more noticeable and adds to its merit. Many custom home roof styles attract the attention of both homeowners and roofers. They are different in style, color, material, shape, and other minor details. In case you are planning to have a custom home, we are ready to help. The experienced roofing technicians from DNB Construction, LLC shared the most prominent five custom home roof styles. 

Gable roofs 

It is believed that gable roofs are the simplest to build. Their look is widely recognizable since they resemble the inverted letter ‘V.’ Gable roofs are used primarily for buildings in traditional style. Many homeowners in windy areas avoid gable roofs because they can catch wind easier, and be destroyed. Therefore it is necessary to study the weather conditions of the particular area and its geography before choosing a gable roof for your house. Also, a lot of farmers have gable roofs on their farmhouses. 

Flat roofs 

They are a frequent choice of many homeowners nowadays. We can see them mostly in stylish homes and on commercial buildings. What is more, a lot of owners opt for flat roofs on their sheds, gardens, and all other covered outdoor areas. Also, this roof type has little to no pitch that makes them simple, but elegant at the same time. Roofers report that flat roofs can be easily constructed.

Hip roofs

We can notice this roof type on numerous residential homes, and they resemble the pyramid-style. Additionally, hip roofs are ideal for cottages or bungalows. These roofs are highly recognizable because of 4 sloping sides. There aren’t any walls or vertical rooflines. Professional roofing companies explain that hip roofs are more complicated to build than flat roofs since they have rafter structures and a bit more complicated trusses and carriers. 

Shed roofs

A shed roof is a type of flat roof with more pitch. Roofers recommend it for home additional elements. Also, it can complement other roof styles. A prominent characteristic of shed roofs is that they often slope down in just one direction. That is why shed roofs are truly convenient for add-ons. 

Butterfly roofs

They are not common in buildings today. However, roofers state that butterfly roofs give a lot of ventilation and light. Their style is like an open book. What is noticed at a first glance in the architecture of butterfly roofs are two roofs that slope down and crate a valley-like area in the middle of the house’s roof. The greatest disadvantage of butterfly roofs is that they are unsuitable for rainy and snowy geographical areas since they don’t properly drain accumulated water. 

It is a fact that there are many more custom home roofing styles. They are attractive, superior and make a building stand out in a mass. However, it is necessary to consult the roofing experts for an objective estimation and advice if the chosen roof style will be suitable for a specific area. We are DNB Construction, LLC – give us a call at 301 -362 – 7663, and our team members are going to help you.