Is your roof prepared for winter?

Definitely, cold weather brings harsh conditions that may damage your roof and decrease its longevity. So, if your roof needs repairs it’s advisable to do them in drier months, from July to August. However, roofing problems are unpredictable and in many cases, we have to take care of them ASAP. Experts say that is imperative to ensure your roof’s good health to prevent costly roofing repairs since money is already tight during holidays. There are some tips given by DNB Construction, LLC that may help us prevent some serious roofing issues and prepare our roofs for the winter.

  • As soon as you can, inspect your roof and its gutters. You have to check if there are some missing or loose shingles. In case you encounter such a problem and to prevent more expenses to accumulate, replace the singles immediately. You can do this on your own, of course, if you have enough time and you are not afraid of height. However, the best solution would be to hire a professional roofing company to visit your roof and help instantly.
  • You need to check your roof for any small tears or dents. What may also happen is that there are some holes. All this is the signal to call your insurance company and consult with them or find experienced roofers to repair the damage ASAP.
  • Do an HVAC system, pipes, and chimneys check-ups. In most cases, you will notice problems with these roofing elements before the inspection. But, every additional activity is a good thing before harsh winter days.
  • Organize your family members and collect all leaves, branches, and debris from the gutters with a hose or rinse through. The best would be to do this on regular basis, not only prior to cold weather.
  • Check your ceiling, attic, and upstairs in case, there are stains or leaks. Do a thorough inspection of all areas to notice potential leakages, especially if your neighborhood has gone through a severe rainstorm.
  • You can add extra insulation to the attic to prevent any ice dams to form on your roof. This is one of the most secure ways to protect your roof. Of course, the greatest would be to consult the well-organized roofing technicians to help you.

Knowing that roofing materials don’t work well in cold weather, and that shorter days give less time for roof works, feel free to talk with the roofing experts. DNB Construction, LLC has helped many owners prepare their roofs for winter. The roofing service provided by this roofing constructor is recognized as timely and efficient. Our number is 301-362-7663 to ask specifically about any roofing work. DNB Construction, LLC is there to prevent more expensive problems from occurring down the road.