All You Need To Know About Roof Leaks

A lot of homeowners don’t realize that their roof is leaking until it’s too late. Large amounts of water during and after the rainfall can be an issue if the roof has damaged areas. Importantly, when the leak shows up it needs to be regarded as something really serious. It is vital to hire professional roofers who are going to work fast to stop the leak, so it doesn’t ruin the roof completely. DNB Construction LLC’s roofing engineers have shared some basics about the roof leaks, and their causes. What is more, these certified roofers listed ways to prevent roof leaking and protect your belongings.

The necessity of roof maintenance

Proactive roof maintenance is the key to preventing and avoiding the possibility of roof leaks.

Frequently, heavy rain itself is not the real cause of a roof leaking. A tree that falls or its branch can puncture a hole that makes a leak during a bad storm. Also, the problem with the roof may already exist and the rain simply reveals it.

Neglected roofs are prone to leaking and serious damage, especially when they are older than a decade. Seams are roof areas where leaks can show up, as well as the spots where a chimney meets the rest of the roof.

Gutters should be adequately cleaned to enable a clear path for water. In this way, water won’t back up and create pools on the roof.

Steps to take instantly in case of roof leaking

From the moment you detect that your roof has started leaking, be ready to act immediately. Here are the steps to keep your belongings protected and prevent more damage.

  • Move your furniture and devices

Knowing that the water from the leaking roof can seep down the walls, all valuable items have to be protected. Be ready to relocate or cover the large furniture to protect it. It’s crucial to unplug and remove electronics from the problematic room.

  • Collect the leaking water

It’s important to keep the rainwater collected in one single area. In this way, the cleanup will be easier. Also, major damage will be prevented.

  • Drain water packets

If you notice a pocket of water formed from the roof leak, drain it. Take a bucket and catch the water. Then, use a screwdriver to make a small hole in the wall to allow water to escape.

  • Ventilate the area after you dry it

Do your best to dry and ventilate the affected area. In case you don’t do that, cool standing water in dark areas encourages mold growth. So, use ventilation and towels to dehumidify and dry the place.

  • Call professionals

All in all, the most important is to get in touch with experienced roofers who can instantly help. They use special equipment to climb on the rooftop and solve leaking issues ASAP. Their methods are proven and efficient to prevent further roof damage and costly repairs.

DNB Construction LLC is your true friend for all kinds of roof services. Its roofing technicians can react adequately using the right tools at any moment. Remember that DNB Construction LLC’s team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of a roof leak emergency. The contact number is +1-301-362-7663.