What does a roof estimate include?

As soon as you call a professional roofer to do a roof estimate for you, either to repair or replace your roof, you may want to know what really includes the quote that you got. It is obvious that proposals truly differ among contractors. But, one thing is sure: if you opt for a reputable roofing company it has to be in a position to break the quote down for you and to explain the costs of labor and materials in detail. For you, it is necessary to know where your money goes since any roof work is always seen as a costly one. Experienced roofers from DNB Construction, LLC has shared some tips about roof estimate with us. You can read more in the following lines.

To start with, there are numerous factors that go into an estimate for either roof repair or replacement. Some of them are:

  • Project details – they have to be outlined for you, including the beginning and end date, and payment terms. Insist to get the contractor’s estimate for your roofing project in writing.
  • Explanation about the roof materials that your contractor recommends
  • More about the product warranties that go with the material you chose – be ready to talk with your roofing company about the synthetic slates, asphalt shingles, flashing, ventilation components, and underlayment. If the chosen products come with some warranties, it is good to get them from your contractor.
  • Info on workmanship warranties – this is vital since any reliable roofing firm also puts all warranties info on the paper.
  • Costs of labor and materials
  • Costs of cleanup
  • Costs of debris removal
  • Costs for necessary permits

However, be ready to choose another roofing firm if the one you chose gives you a verbal quote only, without specific details listed and explained. Usually, roofing companies submit bids with little detail, and you can see the total cost without the prices of labor and material. But, you have a right to know everything and be acquainted with all the figures that you may expect. Your contractor has to understand your needs and share the info with you to prepare you to make an informed decision.

DNB Construction, LLC is one of the reputable roofing companies whose teams come and inspect the roof in record time. They are ready to let you know what exactly is wrong with your roof and to give an objective estimation about the future roofing projects, either roof replacement or repair. The fact is, if you catch the problems early, DNB Construction, LLC addresses the issues right away without putting off the works. This firm will work around your busy schedule and set up a time for a professional inspection as soon as you call 301 – 362 – 7663.