Quick Tips On Making Your Roof Eco-Friendly

Would you like to have an eco-friendly roof? Have you ever heard that your roof can increase the carbon footprint of your house? Did you know that the carbon footprint of a building is a measure of how much it impacts the environment? Importantly, homes that are built from the wrong materials can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change. So, DNB Construction LLC’s certified roofing engineers explained how you can make your roof more eco-friendly next time when you consider either roof replacement or roof installation.

We discussed two important activities that you can consider as soon as you decide to make your roof eco-friendly.

  1. Choose light-colored roofing materials

Believe it or not, roofing materials of light colors can make your roof more eco-friendly. Moreover, all shades of gray and white are convenient since they reflect more sunlight than they actually absorb. In this way, you will need less money for cooling your building. Frequently, metal roof shingles are ideal because they require little maintenance. Plus, they can be easily painted to improve reflectivity. A lot of homeowners agree that metal roofing is more budget-friendly in comparison with other green roofing solutions.

  • Use renewable and recycled roofing materials

Apart from considering roofing materials of light colors, you need to take into account renewable and recycled roofing materials if you plan to have an eco-friendly roof. In this way, it’s good to bare in mind that in a lot of cases, asphalt shingles are recycled and remanufactured for further use in novel roofing systems. Also, clay tiles, metal roofing, and concrete tiles are commonly used. Additionally, some manufacturers use tar paper and many other supporting materials that are produced from renewable sources. When you know that and take into consideration all the above mentioned, it will reduce your carbon footprint in the future and make your roof eco-friendly.

DNB Construction LLC is your partner from the moment you start thinking about either roof installation or replacement. These are two ideal opportunities to make an eco-friendly change for your house. Get in touch with DNB Construction LLC since it has a team of roofing technicians for green roofing solutions. These dedicated roofers use many recycled products and give their best to contribute to more sustainability and less waste. Phone DNB Construction LLC at 301 – 362 – 7663 or visit its official websiteto hear more about eco-friendly roofing solutions for your building or home.