What is the right color for your roof?

Choosing the right color for your roof is not a simple decision. It is expected that you consider a lot of aspects before your ultimate choice. Moreover, thinking about the right roof color is an activity that has practical and aesthetic segments. Finally, you need to take into consideration your plans, energy efficiency, and the possible resale value of your home. We asked experienced roofers from DNB Construction LLC to help with their objective advice.

What is the right color for your roof?

First of all, choosing a roof color is a complex process. As a homeowner, you need to pay attention to:

  • weather conditions in your area
  • your home’s style
  • future maintenance costs
  • your plans regarding the house

Weather conditions in your area

The weather conditions are an important factor that influences the roof color. Lighter-colored roofs are preferred in sunnier and warmer places. This is because they reflect more sunlight than darker roofs. Plus, lighter-colored roofs keep the home’s interior cool. With this, energy costs are reduced, especially those related to air conditioning. So, if you live in a warmer place light brown roofs are a good choice instead of dark grey or black ones, and vice versa.

Your home’s style

Your home’s style should be taken into consideration when you think about the roof color. The architectural style of the house can influence the roof color selection process. In this sense, the roof color has to complement your home’s overall look, style, and aesthetics. Plus, it can enhance its architectural elements. Moreover, your roof color should match the existing siding color and existing paint.

Therefore, if you have a traditional colonial-style house, classic roof colors are the best choice. These colors include deep blue, grey, and black. What is more, classic roof colors bring elegance and ensure that a roof maintains its historical charm. But, if you prefer a modern and minimalistic design for your house, the choice of roof colors will be different. Then, you can opt for light grey, metallic, or white.

Future maintenance costs

A roof color is connected with future maintenance costs. In this way, light-colored roofs will get visible stains and show dirt over time. So, a professional power washing machine may be needed to preserve their appearance. However, dark-colored roofs can fade over time since they are exposed to the weather conditions and sun. Therefore, you must carefully calculate your future budget and maintenance capabilities.

Your plans regarding the house

Your plans regarding the house are very important when you choose the roof color. If you have intentions to sell your house in the future, think about the prospective buyers. Usually, they are attracted to neutral or appealing colors. Such roof colors are earth tones, black, or grey. It is because these colors easily complement a wide range of styles and exterior paint colors.

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