Seven Steps For Proper Residential Roof Maintenance In Spring

Every spring is the best time to take care of your residential roof. If adequately maintained, each roof will be in great condition and last for many years. DNB Construction LLC is a professional roofing company whose roofing technicians shared with us seven obligatory steps for proper residential roof maintenance in spring. By following these steps, your roof will efficiently protect your home for many summer, autumn, and winter months.

1.Inspect every segment of your residential roof

    Take the advantage of spring weather to inspect your roof. In this way, you will discover any traces of missing shingles, cracks, leaks, or damage to the roof flashing. Also, a roof inspection is a great way to check signs of tear and wear from cold winter months.

    2.Inspect your attic

    If there are signs of water damage, it can be noticed as water stains on walls and ceilings. If you hire certified roofing engineers, they will detect any damages to the insulation and leaks.

    3.Repair discovered damage

    It is necessary to take care of any damage promptly. Talk with certified roofers about the damage type and costs, so that you will be in a position to have your roof repaired in record time using top-quality roofing materials. Timely repaired roof damage will make your roof last for many years.

    4.Clean all downspouts and gutters

    Be sure that all gutters and downspouts are completely clean. Winter months may leave behind twigs and leaves that clog and water collection. So, speak with professional roofers who can visit your roof to remove the debris that accumulated over time preventing serious issues in the future.

    5.Check for algae or moss

    If your roof suffered any kind of serious water damage, you will notice moss or algae on it. Well-coordinated roofers have adequate equipment to efficiently remove moss and algae, which will prevent them from spreading.

    6.Check ventilation

    Make sure that your residential roof has adequate ventilation so that moisture buildup and roof structure damage are prevented. Plus, well-functioning roof ventilation will help your roof be in perfect condition for many years.

    7.Take care of the overhanging trees

    If there are trees that seem to be hanging over your roof, it is important to trim them back and prevent debris, leaves, and twigs to collect. All accumulated unwanted debris and dirt can cause a lot of damage to your residential roof.

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