All About Regular Autumn Roof Maintenance

Autumn brings a bit milder weather than summer. Plus, it is generally considered to be a perfect season to take care of your roof and fix all roof issues no matter how complex they are. What is more, autumn roof maintenance is an ideal way to prepare your roofing system for the upcoming winter. It is vital to carry out both interior and exterior roof maintenance during autumn. We have discussed with DNB Construction LLC’s professional roofers to tell us more about regular autumn roof maintenance. 

Tips for autumn interior roof maintenance

Interior roof maintenance is equally important as the exterior one. Knowing that all interior roof elements are delicate structures, they have to be regularly checked and fixed if needed. That is why roof owners can opt for a roofing expert to visit their roof in autumn. Moreover, this delicate task of certified roofers is divided into several steps. Here they are:

  1. Keep the home adequately insulated. Not enough insulation can damage roofing materials and have a lot of negative effects on indoor air quality. Also, proper roof ventilation prevents ice dams from forming. In this way, the roof is saved from any possible winter damage.
  2. Check the roof and seal off every crack or hole found on the roof. This is done using special roofing materials that ensure the best roofing condition.
  3. Inspect all rafters, beams, and entire ceiling together with all other roof elements for potential leaks. Experienced roofers claim that it is difficult to detect leaking roof areas. Sometimes, the place where the leak is spotted is frequently not the actual source of the leaking.
  4. Check the heating system. It is done to inspect if it functions optimally and adequately. What is more, faulty heating systems consume a lot of electricity without giving off enough heat.

Tips for autumn exterior roof maintenance

Experienced roofers explain that exterior roof maintenance includes working on both roof’s appearance and all surrounding structures. A lot of autumn exterior roof maintenance activities can be performed by homeowners, prior to consulting with a certified roofing company. The most significant activities connected with exterior roof maintenance include:

  1. Draining all sprinkler systems. It can prevent accumulating water that can bring a lot of serious issues to every roof element, especially if the water freezes in the pipe in winter.
  2. Trimming all nearby trees that can potentially damage the roof. What is more, tree leaves and twigs can fall on the roof and block the gutter drainage system.
  3. Walking around the property and having regular roof inspections. It is vital to check for possible peeling flashing around the chimney. Also, any potential uneven slopes, rust, or missing shingles have to be noticed.

DNB Construction LLC is there for you to provide top-quality roofing services from roof repair to roof maintenance at any season. We are trustworthy roofing professionals who suggest dedicating attention to the roof before strong winds blow off roof parts or gutters fall off due to much debris. Feel free to call us at 301 – 362 – 7663.