Roofing issues after an ice storm

The consequences of an ice storm may be severe since bad weather can extremely damage roofing elements. Homeowners know that each of the ice storm roofing issues has to be treated immediately with the help of a certified roofing constructor to avoid more costs and to restore the roof’s original condition in record time. To learn details about ice storm roofing problems and how to detect them, we have recently talked with experienced roofing engineers from DNB Construction, LLC.

  • Discuss with your neighbors

Ask your neighbors if they can spot signs of the recent ice storm on their roofs as well. Work with them to identify the damage to the surrounding roofs. It’s vital to objectively assess roofs’ condition and be prepared for all necessary steps in the future. Consult about the possible solutions to the roofing issues and see if they can be solved as a DIY roofing project. If not, ask your neighbors for recommendations for high-quality roofing constructors.

  • Think about mixed consequences

The issues brought about by the ice storm usually go beyond shingles. Roofs are damaged by hail, especially if they are made of soft metals. There may be problems with gutters, too. Frequently, apart from hail dents on the roof surface, there can be serious leaks in the ceiling. Water damage can cause a lot of problems and costs. If ice accumulates in the gutters after the storm, the consequences are enormous.

  • Check for cracked or broken windows

Ice storms can damage windows. From the moment an individual notices some traces of severe weather, he has to react immediately. These consequences are highly visible and include holes and cracks in the windows’ glass, shattered windows, or broken panes. So, as soon as the ice storm ends each homeowner should check all windows, glass, glazing, frames, and screens.

  • Detect any split, cracked, or missing shingles

Ice storms can damage roof shingles at any moment since they are completely disposed to the impact of bad weather. The level of the shingles’ damage depends on the strength of their material and the substrate below the shingles. It’s crucial to climb onto the roof and detect the possible problems with shingles. What is more, a clear sign of an ice storm is the damage visible on the shingles on all houses in the area.

DNB Construction, LLC is your trustworthy partner in case you have any roofing issues. This certified roofing constructor is there to provide an objective assessment of your roof’s condition and give a custom-made plan for your future roofing activities. Don’t hesitate and give us a call at 301 – 362 – 7663.