Holiday Decorations And Your Roof

Having holiday decorations, Christmas lights, and displays on your rooftop are obligatory elements of every winter holiday season. Many homeowners carefully consider how to decorate their rooftops without damaging them, since massive lights over and along the roof can be unsafe and potentially harmful. We discussed with skillful roofers from the certified roofing company DNB Construction LLC about the holiday decor on the roof and the possible damage that it may cause. What is more, these well-organized roofing technicians gave us a few tips on hanging holiday decorations smoothly and safely.

Tip No.1

Divide your holiday decoration activities into a few steps. Plan all segments of your roof decor. It’s important to consider your rooftop decorations before you put them up. Importantly, you have to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the decor step by step.

Tip No.2

String lights are important for holiday decorations since they are used for trees, bushes, gutters, and roofs. Only rubber or plastic hooks can be used for their hanging. Nails or staples may damage the insulation on the wires.

Tip No.3

When you string the lights around gutters use a ladder. You should not stand on the rooftop or lean too far to one side to reach the gutter.

Tip No.4

Be cautious to protect the decorations and keep them from overturning. If that happens, your roof will be damaged and professional roof repairs may be needed.

Tip No.5

Simply, lift the decoration using a rope and safely position the lights on the roof yourself. Also, review the functioning of wires and use safe bolts thoroughly to ensure that Christmas decor elements will work well in case of rain, snow, and strong winds. A lot of homeowners install lights up with clips that are attached to the gutters.

Tip No.6

Finally, do not remove the decorations swiftly from the roof, because they can rip down and damage both shingles and gutters. Additionally, remove each clip carefully while you hold the decorations to prevent any unexpected situations.

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