Which Gutters Are Better – Seamless Or Sectional Gutters?

The right decision about the most convenient gutter system protects one’s property from constant and costly gutter repairs. The choice of adequate gutters can be serious. Today’s market offers gutters produced from different materials and styles. Consequently, the most frequent question is connected with the pros and cons of opting for either seamless or sectional gutters. Wishing to make your gutter shopping easier, we asked DNB Construction LLC’s engineers to compare these two gutters types and to list their characteristics.

Seamless Gutters

They are reliable, durable, and stronger than sectional gutters. Professional roofers claim that this strength comes from the fact that seamless gutters are made from just one piece of gutter.


Seamless gutters are produced from a single-coil piece of copper or aluminum, and the possibility of leaking is minimal. Therefore, no mold or water damage can happen on the roof. Also, aluminum gutters are manufactured in different colors to match the roof color and the home exterior. All in all, seamless gutters have a long lifespan and they are practical since no maintenance is needed.


Seamless gutters are cut on-site because they are virtually only one continuous piece of metal. However, due to their size, DIY installation is not easy. So, reliable roofers have to be hired to do the job. 

Sectional Gutters

This gutters type needs to be assembled on-site. Therefore, more time is needed for their installation. When a certified roofing company is hired to do that, sectional gutters installation brings more labor costs, since a lot of time is spent by the roofer.


Sectional gutters come in 10ft to 20ft sections, and they are present since the ancient civilization in 2500 B.C. Also, they form a large roof drainage system since they connect to one another. In the beginning, sectional gutters were produced from wood. However, they evolved and today people can choose sectional gutters from copper, aluminum, vinyl, or steel. Professional roofers usually recommend steel sectional gutters because they are reliable, strong, and can ‘survive’ harsh weather conditions that include ice, snow, heavy rain, or falling roof debris. A lot of people use vinyl sectional gutters since they are lightweight and can easily match various roof colors.


Knowing that sectional gutters connect smaller parts or ‘sections’ and form larger gutters, they can be weaker in the joints. Plus, depending on the material, rust can be a serious issue for steel gutters exposed to moisture. What is more, vinyl gutters are usually not strong or durable as expected. So, over time, they can warp because of the impact of the sun or loads of snow.

DNB Construction LLC is there to help in the process of choosing the most optimal gutters for every property. The experienced team of well-coordinated roofers is ready to recommend the right gutter type taking into account all pros and cons of either seamless or sectional gutters. Therefore, for all questions about gutters call DNB Construction LLC’s team at 301 – 362 – 7663.