5 benefits of having aluminum capping for garage doors

Aluminum capping for garage doors is not only a much-needed garage shield and true protection, but it also reduces overall maintenance costs. It is a result of the delicate process when certified professionals calculate the dimensions of the area that has to be covered and install a special aluminum layer around the garage door trim. In the following paragraphs, knowledgeable DNB Construction LLC’s team members shared the most relevant details and all possible benefits of having aluminum capping for garage doors.

  • Garage door aluminum capping is completely free of maintenance

Having the capping installed is a significant home improvement project, since maintenance costs of the garage doors will be reduced. As soon as the wood trim is covered, water won’t get in. What is more, no re-paint will be needed for the door every couple of years. Plus, warm water is the only thing that can take the grime away.

  • Aluminum capping transforms every home into a shiny and highly-noticeable building

Garage door aluminum capping presents every house in the best light and attracts a lot of attention in the neighborhood. The visual look that aluminum guarantees is based on the shiny, fresh, and trendy moments. The good thing is the fact that both capping design and color can be matched with the house’s exterior and architecture.

  • Garage door aluminum capping prolongs the garage doorframe lifespan

Every garage door wood frame that is exposed to different weather impacts will be completely protected with aluminum capping. Well-coordinated installers organize garage door aluminum capping as a two-step process that protects the door from both moisture and mold.

  • Aluminum cladding doesn’t rust and the energy efficiency is improved

This cladding doesn’t fade over time under the influence of extreme weather conditions. What is more, aluminum as a material is cost-efficient and resilient.

  • Garage door aluminum capping increases a home’s value

From the moment one takes a look at the house, it will be obvious that the owner invested much more in the house by adding the garage door aluminum capping. If there is a potential sale, the price of the house can be significantly increased as well.DNB Construction LLC ensures efficient and fast aluminum capping services. The reasons for having aluminum garage door capping installed are numerous, as we have already mentioned. That is why DNB Construction LLC offers professional support to all present and future clients. For all questions and a no-cost estimate, just call DNB Construction LLC at 301 – 362 – 7663.