3 benefits of removing moss-covered shingles prior to novel roof installation

Every roof replacement is a delicate process that can be both costly and time-consuming. With the aim to save both their money and time, a lot of owners decide to install a layer of new roof shingles over the existing one. However, if there is moss on the old roof shingles, the situation gets more complicated. DNB Construction LLC, a respectable roofing company, shared with us the benefits of the necessity to remove all moss-covered shingles prior to the new roof installation.

Here is the list of the three greatest benefits of removing moss-covered roof shingles before the installation of a new roof:

  1. Avoiding the risk of potential roof damage. Owners can avoid any possible risk of future roof damage when they remove the shingles with the moss. Since moss grows in shady conditions, it is prone to collecting a lot of water and accumulating wet that can ruin the roof’s wooden structures.
  2. Maintaining the value of one’s home. In case a home selling possibility exists, a roof with all healthy shingles without moss is truly beneficial. What is more, every properly replaced roof can appeal more to potential buyers. On the other hand, a roof that has moss-covered shingles below the new shingles layer can make a negative impression and affect the overall home selling value.
  3. Cutting down long-term costs. When one starts the complicated process of roof replacement, it’s advisable to remove the old roof together with the possibility of doubling-up roof layers during the next roof replacement. Professional roofing technicians claim that the maximum number of layers of roof shingles has to be only two. Therefore, proper removal of the moss-covered existing shingles prior to the installation of the new shingles cuts down the future costs.

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