4 Common Dilemmas About Commercial Roofs

It is well-known that commercial roofing systems are constructed and installed as a necessary protection against severe weather conditions. Also, they can be made of different commercial roofing materials whose characteristics have a direct impact on the roof’s durability and resistance. We asked DNB Construction LLC’s engineers to elaborate on 4 common dilemmas of every commercial roof owner.

How many commercial roofing styles exist on the market?

There are several popular commercial roofing styles. Some of them are frequently used by owners and can be noticed on a wide number of commercial roofs. Therefore, pitched commercial roofs, flat commercial roofs, and low sloped commercial roofs are commonly chosen by a great number of people.

What are flat roofs made of?

PVC, TPO, and EPDM synthetic rubber are single sheets from which are commercial roofing systems frequently made. It is essential that they are of great quality. Usually, owners of large commercial buildings choose these commercial roofing materials.

Which commercial roofing system is the best?

The characteristics of the commercial roofing material have a direct relation to its durability, lifespan, and protectiveness. Analyzing the material from which a commercial roof is made, one can conclude that metal roofs are a good choice when a building has a roof slope higher than 2 inches. Also, PVC commercial roofing systems are together with TPO roofs, and modified bitumen roofs are a frequent choice.

How long can a commercial flat roof ‘serve’?

The type of the commercial flat roof and the material used for its construction are two main things that have an impact on the roof’s lifespan. It is common that EPDM flat roofs last more than 3 decades, while PVC commercial flat roofs serve over 2 decades. TPO commercial roofing systems usually serve 15-20 years. What is crucial in this case is to think about the flat roof’s regular maintenance to prolong its lifespan.

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