Tips and Tricks for Your Attic Ventilation

Moisture is a great threat to every home and its roofing. It is 100% sure that homeowners give their best to avoid problems with both mold and mildew. What is truly helpful is to ensure that the attic ventilation works immaculately at any moment. The basic role of attic ventilation is to ensure the free movement of air into and out of the attic. Therefore, an adequate attic ventilation installation can control the climate in a house. In the following lines, well-informed roofing technicians from DNB Construction, LLC shared 3 main risks of poor attic ventilation.

No. 1 risk of poor attic ventilation – Roof  Damage

If there is no good air exhaust and intake in humid and hot months, temperatures can rise significantly. The combination of moisture and heat results in problems with shingles, such as deterioration, warping, and many others that can be more expensive roof problems.

No. 2 risk of poor attic ventilation – Condensation

If there are great amounts of moisture on the roof, it can cause the creation of mold and mildew. In cold months, warm air from home finds its way into the attic and creates condensation. If left unattained and with no ventilation, there can be many problems.

No. 3 risk of poor attic ventilation – Ice Dams

This is one of the major poor attic ventilation risks that happen in cold months. In this case, snow melts because of the heat from the attic and freezes down the roof and its gutters. What can become a great problem is serious roof damage, walls damage or many roof leaks.

How to improve attic ventilation?

Any kind of roofing damage can be costly. That is why improving attic ventilation on time is a cheaper and more secure option for every homeowner. A licensed roofing company such as DNB Construction, LLC is there to ensure the proper attic ventilation with the installation of adequate intake and exhaust vents. A well-coordinated team of roofers from this company suggest using 2 kinds of vents. Soffit vents are common, make the air flow freely, and are made to keep unwelcome critters out of the home. Exhaust vents allow both hot and cold air to exit from the attic, and they are installed at the highest roof ridge.

For all additional and detailed questions, you can get in touch with DNB Construction, LLC. Its engineers are ready to objectively assess any roof, suggest possible attic ventilation options, and give the best price on the market. Years of experience and a client-oriented attitude are two major things that truly single out DNB Construction, LLC. Apart from attic ventilation, this roofing contractor offers a wide range of roofing services, starting with roof maintenance, repairs, and replacement. The fast and efficient service at affordable prices waits for you. The contact number of DNB Construction, LLC is 301 – 362 – 7663.