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Copper Roofing

Copper roofing has been one of the most reliable roofing types throughout history. With many installations lasting over a century, copper offers a characteristic and durability no other roofing system can match. It is also arguably one of the most attractive of all roofing options and has the unique characteristic of changing from the bright sheen of new copper to the eventual blue-green patina color over time.

Copper requires very little maintenance, is light weight, extremely durable, corrosion resistant and has a very prestigious appearance. It can be used to cover the whole roofing surface or used as an accent over a main entry way or a bay window. Cupolas and gutters can also be done in copper to provide amazing curb appeal and improve resale value.

But copper is also one of the most expensive materials to use for a roof and has a high cost of labor to install. For this reason, investing in a copper roof is ideally for homeowners planning to live in the home long enough to reap the benefits.

In addition to the cost of material, homeowners should only hire contractors that specialize in the installation of copper roofs. DNB Construction has been installing copper roofs since 2009 and has the expertise necessary to provide a quality installation that will last a lifetime. Our skill set goes well past the typical requirements on most roof installations and extends to custom fabrications and unique roofing components visualized by the most demanding architects and industrial designers.


What is the composition of copper roofing? 

Unlike other metals, copper is frequently used in its pure (99.9% Cu) unalloyed form for sheet and strip applications in roofing.

How are they installed and sold? 

Copper roofing is typically sold in panels, rolls, flats or by the piece. And since copper prices change more frequently than other roofing materials, prices can vary dramatically based on the current market price. To install a copper roof, the installer uses suitable nails, screws, and other fasteners in conjunction with intricate soldering and crimping techniques. Copper panels can also be installed on vertical surfaces like mansards, screens and walls.

What types are available? 

Unlike other roofing materials that come in a variety of colors, real copper only comes in one. It is differentiated only by the size of the panel, its design aesthetics, and the method of installation. Standing seam is the most common style used today, but corrugated, ribbed, waved and flush panel designs are also available.

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Since 2009, DNB Construction has been providing residential and commercial roofing services in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. marketplace. Focused on quality, they set themselves apart by bringing a higher level of attention and care to every project. From the smallest roof repairs to the largest custom home builds, they excel in the installation of asphalt/architectural shingles, natural/synthetic slate, cedar shake/shingles, copper, steel roofing systems and TPO membranes.

Through constant investments in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and continuous education of their employees, DNB Construction has brought cutting edge technology and the highest level of craftsmanship to every single customer.

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